Why Test Soils?

Why do you need a Soil Test?

  1. Soil testing identifies the physical and engineering properties of a particular site.
  2. The soil properties are determined both in the field and in the laboratory.
  3. Combining all the elements of our desktop study, reports can be used to determine suitable building foundation methods, geotechnical slope stability parameters, suitable methods for on-site effluent disposal and limitation for any earthworks on a site.
  4. A detailed soil report can both save you money in construction costs and give you assurance for construction integrity.

What happens during a Soil Test?

  1. Prior to visiting any site, reference documents and mapping are reviewed.
  2. While on-site, the assessment process establishes how the parcel of land sits in the context of the region.
  3. Observations are made of the topography, drainage and vegetation.
  4. Subsoil profiles are established with the use of either a drilling rig, hand auger, excavator pits or visual observations.
  5. Where necessary, samples are taken for review in our laboratory.

What is On-Site Effluent Disposal

  1. Onsite effluent disposal is required in areas where reticulated sewerage is not available.
  2. Waste water is treated and discharged to a suitable area on your allotment.
  3. The most common effluent disposal systems include: AWTS (aerated waste water treatment system), aerobic sand filtration, septic tank/leach drains and other alternative methods such as composting and grey water dispersion systems.

Why Review Slope Stability?

  1. Some Councils’ planning schemes identify areas of steep land and potential slope instability. Quantifying this risk requires a slope stability assessment.
  2. The initial process includes a review of reference mapping and establishes the regional geological setting.
  3. Specific site walkover and field investigations are then carried out to confirm or refine the stability risk.
  4. Recommendations for drainage, earthworks and construction methods will then maintain or enhance the relative slope stability.




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